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  • 100% Authentic Himalayan 3P Shilajit 15g/30g
  • The purest, potent, and powerful millinery shilajit available
  • Natural supplement straight from the Himalayas
  • Pure Shilajit Resin contains over 85 natural nutrients
  • Comes in a semi-solid resin form
  • Pure Shilajit Resin has an earthy smell
  • Each batch is laboratory tested
  • Has no additives or preservatives
  • Free of organic contaminants and heavy metals
  • Can be taken in warm water, milk, or tea
  • Versatile in nature
  • Solution to your health problems
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It’s simple!

  1. Take a rice to pea-sized portion
  2. Dissolve it in hot water, warm milk, or tea (takes around 15 minutes)
  3. Try drinking it on an empty stomach every morning

Start with a very small amount of shilajit resin i.e less than the size of rice grain which is approx 100 mg, once every day. Increase dosage up to a pea size until you achieve desired results and increase frequency up to 3x per day.

The proper use of Shilajit should also include having a proper diet and doing exercise.

Shilajit is magical

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Feb 06, 2016

Being an athlete, a fracture was really a big thing for me especially when I had my contect starting in 2 weeks. As an athlete I have always took care of my body and I have always relied on organic medicine. When I was at my worst I came to know of 3P Shilajit from my friend’s super-crazy organic mother and decided to take it. After a few doses my foot was on the road of recovery. Not only that, I felt a stream of energy running in my body. Now I do my workout and hardcore physical training but still don’t get exhausted. I think 3P shilajit is magical.

Purest I got

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Scott Curry

April 04, 2017

I was taking Shilajit from the past 2 months but what I needed was the purest himalayan shilajit. In other words, authentic shilajit pure from any additives or additional man-made minerals. I think the beauty of organic medicine is that it is free from any man-made processes. But, that beauty was lost from other brands and I realized that after taking 3P Shilajit. I know this as my body felt it and I have already did my research by reading their source before ordering my first product. I must say 3P shilajit is a true beauty and a miraculous supplement. You take it and you feel it.

My energy booster

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Carlos Bell

Oct 02, 2016

I used shilajit to bring energy to my exhausted body after 9hr office job. Before taking shilajit, I would come home and sleep right away. My married life was getting affected too since my husband would always complain about not receiving enough attention and care for me. With 3P Shilajit I have felt tremendous change in my body energy levels. Now I come home with the same energy I have in the morning and I myself is shocked and surprised to have such positive life changes. I must say 3P Shilajit is truly “Pure”, “Potent”, and “Power”.

A help from nature

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Patti Walton

March 22, 2016

3P Shilajit is a potent natural supplement which has improved my mental health by enhancing my memory. Now, I give my school exams with confidence and will be proudly graduating soon with success. I would like to thank 3P Shilajit team for working hard in supplying the purest form of himalayan shilajit that my mother has always wanted for our family.


100% PURE 3P Shilajit resin is extracted from himalayan mountains located at 18000 ft. Our shilajit is formed over centuries by the weight of the mountains and extreme atmospheric weather cycle which cause plants to decompose to form a natural shilajit supplement. Our shilajit is not sourced anywhere but himalayan mountains


100 % authentic 3P Shilajit resin contains over 85 minerals to feed your body with the STRENGTH it needs to function properly. The primary and the most beneficial minerals in potent 3P shilajit resin is the fulvic acid (60-80 %) and humic acid (in their natural form) aimed at improving your overall health by empowering the body cells to function at their max.


100% organic 3P Shilajit resin POWERS your brain by protecting and rejuvenating the brain cells. Our shilajit is used worldwide as a memory enhancer and also cures the foggy head. At its purest form 3P shilajit is the most powerful resin used to cure and avoid various health condition associated with brain like dementia, brain edema etc.

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In addition to fulvic acid and humic acid, 3P Shilajit contains numerous natural nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin P (citrines), Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones, phospholipids and polyphenol complexes, trace minerals, and terpenoids. Our pure, potent, and powerful shilajit resin also contains various natural microelements such as cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chrome, iron, magnesium, and a lot others.

3P Shilajit is known for its beneficial properties. Our natural shilajit has great potential to improve some daily life problems like low energy, weak immune system, emotional imbalance, hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, sleep disorders e.t.c. It also improves symptoms of some physical and mental diseases like jaundice, digestive tract disorders, urinary tract disorders, enlarged spleen,chronic bronchitis, anemia, anxiety, epilepsy.

3P Shilajit provides our body with the primary source of fuel, known as the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy molecule of our body. The powerhouse in our cells, otherwise known as the mitochondria, are responsible for generating their own ATP from food. It fires up the mitochondrial energy and stimulates the body to become more active.

Shilajit is the greatest gift of nature. It is a natural source of energy which allows people to work harder with less exhaustion and more concentration. Using shilajit in daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle.

Buy Shilajit Online

Many shilajit store out there sell the shilajit with additives claiming that theirs is the best one and pure shilajit is not healthy. However, there is no truth to it. With a huge customer base, we can proudly say that our customers come to us again and again only to buy the pure, authentic himalayan shilajit.