Slows Down Aging Process

Shilajit serves as an anti aging product. As your body grows old there are several changes in your physical and mental processes. Some of the changes that are normally very common are:

  • Skin damage: with growing age your skin becomes less elastic. The oil glands produce less oil resulting in dryness of skin that makes skin prone to wrinkles.
  • Hair loss: it's normal that you lose your hair with age, your scalp becomes less oily and prone to hair fall. Hair pigments decreases resulting in graying of hair.
  • Weak hearing: after the age of 55, changes in ear make high frequency sounds hard to hear and your speech becomes less clear.
  • Unclear vision: most people use glasses for reading after 40 this is because the lenses in your eyes become less flexible. Clear vision, night vision and visual sharpness also deteriorates.
  • Changes in sleep patterns: changes in sleep occur as you grow old. You'll probably start sleeping less at night, you might not sleep peacefully the way you used to when you were young.
  • Weak bones : throughout adulthood people lose minerals in their bones. The bones get weak and less dense.
  • Slow metabolism: over time, the body produces less energy and the metabolism process slows down. Hormonal changes also plays a huge role in slowing down the metabolism.
  • Weak memory: with growing age your brain’s weight, nerve network and blood flow decreases. and weak memory is also a normal part of aging process. It becomes difficult to recall memories.
  • Changes in sexual function: as you get older your hormonal levels decrease. Men produce less sperm and their sexual response time becomes less while women stop ovulating and have menopausal changes that include low levels of estrogen.

With all these changes you are in a continuous process of deterioration. So,have you ever wondered how long you're going to live? Biologically you can say the age of your cell’s mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell).
So does that mean mitochondria determines an individual’s life span?
Yes! When you’re young, you are relatively protected against mitochondrial deterioration. As you grow old, however, changes within your cells lead to the destruction of mitochondria— that pave ways to aging different diseases.
Reducing this damage and creating new mitochondria is important for slowing down the aging process. There is a co enzyme called Coenzyme Q10(CoQ10) that fuels cellular energy. With growing age CoQ10 decreases that results in accelerated aging.

So how does shilajit helps slowing down the process?
Shilajit helps restore and sustain cellular energy by increasing primary source of energy that is ATP. It is formed when mitochondria converts energy from food. With age this process becomes resulting in low energy.

Why 3P shilajit?
3P is pure shilajit with no additives or preservatives. It contains humic and fulvic acid , trace elements , amino acids, vitamins and enzymes help your body to absorb nutrients from food you eat. This provides your body with active nutrients and helps your body’s natural biochemical reactions.
Fulvic acid stimulates mitochondrial energy transfer and makes mitochondria more efficient to produce more energy while humic substances in it speed up the transfer of electrons along the electron transport chain, enhancing its efficiency.
Shilajit’s energy-boosting, mitochondrial-protecting capabilities translate into meaningful results of slowing down the aging process.


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