Sleep improvement

Shilajit helps improve your sleep. Insomnia is an extremely widespread problem that has a broad range of causes that includes chronic stress, environmental factors, jet lag, depression, and anxiety. If you feel irritable, sleepy during the day, & have trouble concentrating, it’s likely that you have some problems with you sleep. Sleeplessness can be very dangerous and greatly diminish quality of life. Unfortunately, our society and our daily activities push us to forgo sleep.

How sleep affects your health?

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a good health. Less sleep has shown adverse health effects and decreased productivity. Scientists have discovered that insufficient sleep may cause health problems by altering levels of the hormones involved in such processes as metabolism, appetite regulation, and stress response.

How shilajit helps?
Shilajit helps improve mineral or nutrient deficiency in the body that relates to healthy sleep patterns or circadian rhythm modulation. Shilajit resin is better than any other sleep improving medicine because it provides a dose of micronutrients that assists your body in several functions. These range from relaxation & sleep to digestion & bone health. Furthermore, It helps relaxing your body overcoming your insomniac tendencies.

Why 3P Shilajit?
3P shilajit is an extremely useful tool in reclaiming a healthy good night's sleep. It's completely safe to take 3p Shilajit for improving your sleep. It keeps your mind and emotions calm letting you a peaceful sleep.


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