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In our two year journey to discover the greatest himalayan shilajit in the world, we came to a conclusion that we couldn't just use any process to extract the resin without having full control over it. We knew for sure that we needed to have the best team in place that will extract and process the purest shilajit for us.

We do not source our shilajit.
We do not get it from a supplier.
We do not get it from the third party.
Our process of shilajit extraction starts with our teams of experts heading out into the Himalayan mountains during May - September (Summer months). After discovering Shilajit in its raw form at 16000-18000 feet above sea level, it is then filtered and purified with glacier water in the form of the resin you see.
Approximately 5 Kgs of raw himalayan shilajit makes only 500 mg of resin. The process takes about 12 to 17 days. We do not use any manufacturing tools or any other factory equipment. In fact this is all done through natural filtration to purify and create the resin. Therefore, we can guarantee that our shilajit is 100% pure himalayan shilajit without any additives or additional ingredients.
We use ancient methods to extract and process the raw himalayan shilajit and the people who work with us have been doing it for over 5 generations. Given their expertise, we can proudly say that our natural shilajit is the finest quality you can find anywhere online.
The above mentioned way of shilajit extraction and processing is the only way possible for us to ensure that we give you an authentic, pure, potent, powerful resin which is second to none of other products you see being sold elsewhere.


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