Heart Health

Heart - Keeping You Alive!
You know you can’t stay alive without the thud-thud of your heart. It’s an engine that provides power to your entire body. Here are some astonishing facts for a healthy heart:
Average human heart beats 2.5 billion times in your lifetime.
Your age and fitness affect your heart rate.
Sex keeps your heart healthy.
Are You Doing Justice To Your Heart?
The heart is the most sensitive organ. Your lifestyle typically determines how it is going to work! Your smoking status, alcohol intake, and inadequate exercise are going to damage it. While you are up for all these activities, there is no way that you can protect it.
You can do justice to your heart, an organ that keeps you going, by incorporating just simple things in your life. Exercising regularly, eating healthy, and taking supplements are the healthy ways to protect yourself from developing cardiovascular complications.
Hwo Shilajit helps?
Shilajit is known to mankind for ages. It is seen that men who lived in mountains have more endurance and stamina, and it seems that it is not only the mountain air. Then what is it that keeps them strong? Yes, you guessed it right - Shilajit!
This tar like blackish brown substance may not be satisfying for your taste buds but its benefits are undeniable. Shilajit is used for heart patients to provide strength to the heart and to remove extra cholesterol from blood.
Shilajit For Men
It has been observed that heart diseases prevail more in men than women. If you take shilajit regularly you can save yourself from developing any heart problem. Moreover, it enhances your sexual drive which also strengthens your heart.

Why 3P Shilajit?
Try our product because it is natural with no additives. Our product is safe, natural, and purified with spring water and then laboratory tested for purity and safety. Try it for a week and you will never get back to any energy drink. It is sufficient to revitalize your health.
Remember that if you have any heart condition don’t try it without your doctor’s recommendation as it lowers your blood pressure.


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