Shilajit helps cure arthritis . It is a disorder that causes joint inflammation. It might be caused by injury affecting ligaments or tendons surrounding joints.Pain is also a feature of joint inflammation. Symptoms and signs associated with joint pain can include
  • joint redness,
  • joint swelling,
  • joint tenderness,
  • joint warmth,
  • limping,
  • locking of the joint,
  • loss of range of motion of the joint,
  • stiffness,
  • weakness.

How shilajit helps?
Shilajit is an excellent herbal supplement, known since ancient times for its benefits on the body. It provides nourishment to the cells and helps the individuals to fight against aging process. It helps to prevent premature aging process and delays it. It has been observed that with advanced age, a person’s body undergoes both mental and physical changes. This result in problems related to aging process.

In Arthritis treatment, Shilajit helps to relieve severe pain in the joints. It further strengthens the joints to function properly. It aids to increase blood flow in the joints and act as an antioxidant agent for the joints. It has been well researched and proved that Shilajit reduces the edema effect of various chemicals in the body. It provides quick relief from inflammation. Aging problems and related symptoms are well controlled by Shilajit.
Arthritis is accompanied by severe pain and nervous system disorders like stress, anxiety and fatigue. Shilajit helps fight with general fatigueness of the body and prevents inflammations naturally. Shilajit contain folic acid which helps in the absorption of iron by the body. It produces a calming effect on the nervous system and suppresses the stress level. Stress related disorders include arthritis, diabetes, muscular cramps etc. Shilajit enhances proper blood supply to the brain and keeps it in a healthy condition.

Why 3P Shilajit ?
3P Shilajit is pure natural shilajit that has no additives or preservatives in it. It's completely safe to use 3P Shilajit for the patients of arthritis. By taking Shilajit every day, you’ll be covering up for calcium and iron deficiency that might be missing in the food that we eat. History has proved Shilajit to be very effective . It is an excellent tool to treat different bone related problems.


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