When shilajit came as the “destroyer of weakness” for my mother when she was suffering terribly with different health conditions. It was then I made shilajit a part of my aim and providing this world with the purest form of shilajit became my life’s mission. Two years back when I started my shilajit quest, I honestly didn’t know the true benefits of Shilajit or Salajit or Shilajeet and I didn’t even know the process of extraction.

But, I began my search from Himalayas to get the pure himalayan shilajit and then I met people who were into this process from the past 5 generations. I then came across with the best team and gave them the right equipment to source the purest form of himalayan shilajit “3P Shilajit”.

From then to today, we strive hard to provide our clients with the purest shilajit available on earth. Our clients are important to us therefore we’re always open for any queries, questions, or concerns you may have. So, fill out the form below to contact us or simply to get connected with us.