Shilajit helps cure anemia. It is a very common problem across the globe. Many patients especially women go through this problem and their hemoglobin levels can drop to a harmful point. Busy lives has made it difficult for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are not aware of the conditions their body can face. Symptoms of anemia include:

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Pale skin
  • Yellowish eyes
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness

What happens in anemia?
Anemia is a condition in which blood cells don't have enough oxygen to carry to the other cells of the body. It happens because;
Your immune system destroys your own red blood cells
Your body isn't capable of making new red blood cells
Excessive bleeding from nose, oral cavity leads to blood loss

How shilajit helps?
Shilajit is a natural element that consists of more than eighty five minerals which are present in ionic composition. It is one of the oldest compounds that is being used as health regenerator.
The deficiency of iron in our body is considered to be the cause for anaemia. However, the condition can also occur if one has deficiencies of vitamin B12, folate, and vitamin A. Shilajit helps cure anaemia easily. Because of the fulvic acids and trace minerals, Shilajit improves the oxygen-carrying capability of our red blood cells, thereby increasing the levels of iron. It also helps improve the body's metabolism and enhances cell regeneration.

Why 3P Shilajit?
3P Shilajit is pure natural shilajit that has no additives or preservatives in it. It's completely safe to use 3P Shilajit for the anemics. By taking Shilajit every day, you’ll be covering up for iron deficiency that might be missing in the food that we eat. History has proved Shilajit to be very effective in curing iron deficiency . It is an excellent tool to treat anemia.


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