In life, we all go through certain times where we do things that we’ve never done before. Circumstances lead us to make some changes in our lives which are necessary for survival and to fight the unordinary painful experiences. I was in the same situation a few years back and those were some troubled times. This all began with the flu. It was winter in Canada and she started sneezing and it would just won’t stop with her runny nose. It was week 2 into the treatment but it still wasn't getting any better, this was when the doctor diagnosed her with the weak immune system and then one after the other, she got struck by different diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and asthma and her health deteriorated to an extent where she was unable to perform even the basic tasks at home.
It brought pain and grief to our family. Day and night, I would see her in pain which ached my heart and would try to find the cure that would just heal my mother and bring her back to her usual self as before. We consulted top doctors, tried various prescribed medicines, tried various herbal cures but nothing just seemed to work as if she got cursed by a witch. One lucky day, my friend from Dubai who came to Canada to handle some work affairs, visited my home and shared our grief. I told him about my mother’s condition, which was when he told me about the “destroyer of weakness”, the shilajit. That day brought hope to our devastated life.
I'd never heard about this miracle food before. He told me that it was one of the most powerful natural remedies to almost all existing health problems. He insisted me to try it and I was desperate to save my mother’s life, readily agreed to the offer. I mean what worst could have happened. So we thought to give it a chance, as everything that’s organic if it does you no good then it does no harm either. Sheikh Hussain then handed over some sort of blackish brown substance. At first, I thought it will be too gooey for my mother to take. But listening to its benefits, we thought to give it a try.
My mother started taking shilajit and a few days after she started witnessing the multitude of benefits. She said her asthma was getting better, she didn't have those joint aches and they were no more stiff as before and she felt healthier and energetic. My friend’s suggestion turned out to be precious to my family. Shilajit came as a miracle for us and that day I decided I would lead my life providing others who suffer like me with this magical cure.

The shilajit he had given me ran out 40 days later. And I had to find more. I bought from amazon, from different sites but nothing did what shilajit did. My mission from then was to find the source of that shilajit and provide the world with this missing ingredient to their health that was a saviour of my mother’s life. I never knew it would become my life’s purpose. This ayurvedic product turned out to be my passion for providing others with nutrients they need, in order to live life to its fullest with all the energy that would keep them healthy and active. I began my quest of searching for the purest form of shilajit and to my surprise, it was hidden in Himalayan ranges, the mountains that are at 18000 altitude.
I couldn't understand why all this shilajit available in North America and Europe came with some sort of additives and additional ingredients for no reason. This made zero sense to me that while being so useful why everybody is giving useless reasons to include additives in shilajit. And, then I found the reason to be cost and availability. This was because they couldn't go to the Himalayas to get the purest form. So, I decided to go to the Himalayas myself and inquire about the shilajit history and process. It took me two years to find the right equipment and formulate the best team to extract the raw shilajit from the Himalayas and process it to form a resin which is edible.
The natural, fresh conditions and climate at the Himalayas make shilajit one of the best herbs in the world. It's difficult and actually deadly to collect this shilajit from these high peaks. With over 85 minerals in shilajit, it is a miraculous resin that one should have for healthy living!
Our Source
In our two year journey to find and discover the greatest shilajit in the world, we came to the conclusion that we couldn't use anybody or any process without our full control.
We do not source our shilajit.
We do not get it from a supplier.
We do not get it from the third party.
Our process starts from our people taking the risk with our equipment to find the shilajit in the raw form which happens during the summer months of May, June, July, August, and September.
Our shilajit is sourced at 16000-18000 feet above sea level and after discovering it, we filter and make the resin right in the mountains purified and filtered with glacier water.
Approximately 5 Kgs of raw shilajit makes only 500 mg of resin. The process takes about 12 to 17 days to purify and make it. We do not use any manufacturing tools. This is all done through natural filtration to purify and create the resin from its raw form.
We use ancient methods to extract and process the raw shilajit and the people who work with us have been doing it for over 5 generations.
This is the only way possible for us to ensure that we give you an authentic, pure, potent, powerful resin and we believe that there is no other resin so pure like ours. The truth is we didn’t create the resin, we discovered it and brought it to you in the purest form!


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